The Digital Age is here. Embrace it!

Digital marketing and social media platforms are the most valuable tools you have as a financial advisor to build lasting relationships with current and prospective clients. But with all of the different options for marketing your brand in the digital realm, where do you even begin?

Find Your Unique Voice

Sheri Fitts has long worked with clients in the financial services industry to harness the powers of digital marketing and social media. A leader in the field of digital marketing, Sheri has seen financial advisors avoid the digital space altogether–or claim they are too late to the party–and knows what a costly mistake this is.

Promoting yourself on the web gets you and your brand communicating with Generation D or Generation Digital. This group is an emerging and growing cross–generational cohort of seventy-five million investors, with more than $27 trillion in assets–and that’s before they inherit their Baby Boomer parent’s wealth.This well educated, socially savvy, active, and engaged investor judges a business by their digital footprint. New clients no longer come exclusively from referrals. Those in the market for financial services today are more informed than ever before, asking friends and conducting thorough research online before ever meeting with you face-to-face.

Deconstructing Digital gives you the head start you need to be able to find your unique voice in the mostly monotone financial marketplace and connect with clients on a personal level through your presence in the digital space. Sheri Fitts shares her personal and professional expertise on all things digital to help you find your “tribe,” as well as grow and retain your client base for years to come.

There’s always more to learn online!

At the end of each chapter in her book Deconstructing Digital, Sheri provides a prompt to find more information on the topic discussed in that section. Check it out for access to the many tips and tricks Sheri covers in her extensive and all-inclusive guide to digital marketing.

Your additional resources will teach you:

How to find your unique voice in the digital realm

What it takes to stay in compliance while using social media

How to visualize and speak directly to your ideal client

How navigate all of the different social media platforms

About the Author

Sheri Fitts is a financial-industry influencer, popular social-media speaker, and a creative force in financial-services marketing. It all started at the young age of five, selling her very own homemade rose-petal perfume in baby food jars, door-to-door. As a digital native with more than twenty-five years of industry experience, Sheri has been quoted in numerous articles and is considered an industry trendsetter, as she collaborates with retirement-plan advisors, third-party administrators, and financial-service organizations to help them leverage marketing tools, social-media strategy tactics, and meaningful connections.